Thursday, September 3, 2009

okay i know everyone wishes they could send there husbands off some where for a week so they could catch a break and so did I but I am done and want mine back! LOL! Lately I have just been sick with out him to the point where it physically hurts inside, and makes you crawl into a ball just to hold your self together. I miss him making me laugh, and seeing his cute smiling face, and they way his skin smells after taking a shower, and the comfort of his hug when Im having a bad mommy day. (which is usually quite offen :) ) So it is very much needed. While he has been gone I have realised how much I love and appreciate all that he does. Plain and simple, I know I dont deserve him. And every day i sit and think why me? why would someone so perfect pick me? I dont have any special qualities I dont have one of those amazing features like "oh she has the prettiest eyes or she has the best butt or prettiest smile. so why me? I will never understand but am so greatfull he picked me. I know times are hard on everyone right now with the stress of money and jobs,and that can have a huge effect on a marriage. But I just have to sit back and look at everything I do have. I have 2 beautiful fun crazy girls that can make me laugh and cry at the same time. I have a husband who i am so in lov with! And that would do and is doing everything he possibly can right now just to make our lives a little easier. And I am sooo greatfull for the sacrifices he is making right now, because I know it would not be easy. I am so greatfull for our families who do so much for us and especailly right now while he is away. His dad for one, who comes and mowes my lawn and trims it every monday, because there is NO way I could do it half that good. I would probably have a field around my house if it wasnt for him =) His mom for always feeding us because colt was the one that did all the cooking so without her it would be macaroni and cheese and pb and jelly or chili and corn. oh but I can make a mean scrambled eggs and french toast=) And of coarse my momma and sister! my two best friends in the whole world! that do so much for me and the girls! lets just say I owe my mom big time! She is so sweet and always there whenever I need her for anything. and shelby for always making me laugh to the point of peeing my pants no matter what kind of mood i was in. The list could go on and on! But I love you honey! and thanks for all u do! I miss you more than words can say! xoxo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

hi daddy! This is our little bike ride we went on last week. The girls absolutely loved it! It was so fun! they kept yelling "go faster mommy faster " but my fat butt was lagging behind... It was cute cause Tahlia was just taking care of Ky like such a big sister and let her sleep on her on the way up. The ride up there isnt very long or hard but was sooo pretty and I think we are going to plan on doing it at least twice a week. The girls loved the waterfall and playing in the water but it was Freezing! I wish u were here to come play with us. And I feel so bad that you have had to miss out on their birthdays and Tahlias first day of school.. But at least we have the blog to keep u posted. We miss you like crazy its just so wierd to have you gone. But dont worry things are going good at home. thank goodness for our familys they have been such a huge help to me and the girls! anyway we love you and miss you like crazy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi honey! I hope things are going good in poland! This is our little boating trip we went on. It was so fun! I dont EVER want summer to end! The sun is my little piece of happiness that I need, to stay sane while your gone
I love being able to take the kids outside to play when i just need that little mommy break. I guess the sun has become like a baby sitter to me and i love it! lol! The house could use a little cleaning attention cause its a little neglected with us being outside all day. :) Any way though the kids loved boating for that whole first hour and then i guess it just put them to sleep.. I swear everytime ky lays on your dad she falls alseep. Its so cute! And he LOVES it! He is the biggest sucker for that girl!
In that picture with me and the girls it was funny cause ky wanted to take the picture and tahlia didnt. which is wierd cause tahli is such a little poser and you can hardley ever get ky to look at the camera. so that was kinda funny. anyway we love you so much and cant wait for our daddy to come home! 1 month down.... 2 to go! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

food fight!

I had to put this one on too cause it was so cute! Tahlia kept wiping frosting from her cupcake on Rusty so he decided to get her back she thought it was pretty funny!

Kys birthday!

Today was Kys birthday. We didnt end up doing anything to exciting but we went to the park to play but it was so windy. we sat down to eat and it was so funny cause your mom started to say something when the wind came up all the sudden and knocked the lid off the sandwiches into her face! It was hilarious so we had to get a picture of that. lol! So we ended up taking the party back to our house where we sang Happy birthday and she blew out her candles it was so cute! And of coarse tahlia and maci needed candles in there cupcakes to so they all had a little mini birthday, and they loved it!
Ky got a new scooter which I was so excited about so now her and tahlia dont have to chase each other up the street fighting over it. And grandma Patti got her a new baby that she hasnt put down yet and a little sing along thing too. So it was fun just not the same without our Daddy! I just love how when u ask her how old she is she says 4 and starts laughing cause she knows it bugs tahlia lol:) That girl cracks me up! Anyway we love you honey! And dont worry we video taped it too so you get to see all the fun! xoxoxoxo love your girls!

Friday, August 14, 2009

colts been gone for a little over three weeks now in poland. Times gone by fast but we do have our slow days where the girls miss playing with there daddy. I miss watching them play and hearing the sound of tahlias crazy laugh that only colt can bring out of her. Everyday they ask about him and tahlia always asks is daddy ever going to come home to take me to disney land cause he is taking hours! :) The other day she was being really naughty and so I asked her why are you being so naughty today and she said totally balling "im sad cause i miss daddy" so of coarse I couldnt stay mad at her.... that girl knows how to work me I swear! But its actually gone alot better than I thought. its been so fun to have one on one time with them. We go on walks alot and go play at the park and they seem to love it! The girls both have birthdays coming up and colt wont be home for them so that will be kinda sad but we will just have to video tape them so he can see everything that goes on.
Ive come to notice just how much he really does when he is home, and how much I really need him for little random things. Like opening jars that are way to tight or trying to reach the lightbulb to change it or fixing the computer when it isnt working or just being home to watch the kids when i need a little mommy break. Church is one of those things to when its hard to be a single mommy... gr... I try so hard to keep them intertained, but everything only seems to work for a couple minutes and then they move on to something else. And they both want to be held at the same time I swear. I have come to find out that instead of having boobs I need to more arms so I can keep up with everything :) If him being gone has done anything it has made me appricaite all that he does and i have realized how much I really do love him! We miss you daddy and cant wait for you to come home!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

our last date night for a while:(
redneck smimming. we do this almost everyday. they refuse to let me blow up there pool :)